With both long and short trips, we should choose the right food and drink that are easily preservable to take away to ensure nutrition for ourselves and our loved ones. Preparing food for the family when traveling is very important because it contributes to bringing you comfort and moments of enjoyment when traveling with family.

Therefor, bring a jar of “Freeze-dried fresh pineapple juice” to replenish energy and refresh during your travels.

In addition, using 1 cup of “Freeze-dried fresh pineapple juice” for breakfast, to snack during the day or after playing sports will help you replenish your natural energy. Pineapple juice powder can also be added to cocktails to enhance the natural flavor.

Just add 200ml of water to 50 grams of pineapple juice powder, stir well, add ice, add sugar (or sugarcane juice powder) according to your preference to enjoy fresh pineapple juice like it was just pressed. Very convenient.