A Company establishment and development

Mr. Nguyễn Ngọc Ánh – the representative of MOON FOOD, who lives and works at Dien Bien province, realized that the farmers of Muong Cha district were able to grow fresh and delicious pineapples according to VietGAP standard on an area of more than 200ha with an output of over 4.000 tons/year. However, similar to many other districts and provinces whose livelihoods are mainly dependent on agriculture, Muong Cha farmers face difficulties in managing their output and consumption market.

Product prices are extremely low and unfair to the effort and money that farmers have to spend (a breach in fair trade). They solely sell fresh pineapples, which can only stay so for about a week before rotting. Therefore, during peak season, farmers are pressured to sell a large amount of pineapple in a limited time frame, leading them to accept lower-than-adequate prices. When pineapples are not consumed in time, they have to be discarded, which also contributes to environmental pollution. On another note, Dien Bien is a mountainous and geographically isolated province with only one unique path connecting it with other economic areas, thus it is even more difficult to access the market in a short time.

The project officially begun when Moonfood Dien Bien Company Limited was founded on 25/12/2019 with its main business being “Processing and preserving fruit and vegetable”. In the past years, we have achieved certain successes and certificates of food hygiene and safety in Vietnam:

– Certification of qualified establishments for food safety

– ISO22000:2018 certification (ongoing renewal)

– VietGAP pineapple certificate (ongoing renewal)

Important timestamps and events

  • 25/12/2019: Establishment of Moonfood Company
  • 10/4/2020: Launching of the “Cold-dried pineapple” product
  • 15/5/2020: Launching of the “Freeze-dried pineapple” product, the most advanced product of the dried fruit line, which is not yet available in supermarkets nationwide.

Vision – Mission – Goals

Vision: Being a fair trade partner of Vietnamese farmers, being a trusted and favored choice of Vietnamese and international consumers, being the one to conserve local tropical crops, being a leader in the practice of converting waste to be used in organic agriculture.

Mission: Improving economic value and fair trade of agricultural products and agricultural wastes in Vietnam by respecting human health and the environment with clean, sustainable, and self-contained processing solutions.

Goal: Creating fair prices for farmers; clean and high-quality food for consumers; clean energy and waste conversion for sustainable agriculture and green environment.

Management team

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh:

+ Founder

+ Moonfood Dien Bien Company Limited

With a background of being a public servant who had the chance to travel to poor districts, loved the environment, the culture, and people of Dien Bien, he was heartbroken to witness them slowly losing faith in agriculture due to low and unstable income. Due to this reason, multiple people have moved to other provinces and cities to be hired by others, disrupting the social structure. Furthermore, he is also a physics and business enthusiast who desires to help people of poor districts develop their true potential.

With his knowledge and understanding of the local people, economy, and agriculture, he believes that, for a project to be successful, it has to be a team effort instead of an individual’s. This is especially true for a project aiming to increase added value to the community and environment. He believes in the ability to motivate the participation of many partners with experience in different fields to make this project successful.